Sidra Legal Consultation and Disputes


Sidra Legal Consultation and Disputes is a subsidiary entity within the Sidra Holding umbrella. We specialize in providing comprehensive legal advice and are committed to mediating all matters related to litigation. A sound legal foundation is the cornerstone for any entrepreneurial venture, and we aim to provide just that.

Role in Sidra Holding Ecosystem

As a crucial part of Sidra Holding’s comprehensive ecosystem, our company is instrumental in supporting over 10,000 startups. The rapidly evolving legal landscape necessitates a solid legal grounding for emerging businesses. We step in to offer startups the legal framework, consultation, and dispute resolution services they require for success.

Through bespoke solutions and consultations, we help startups avoid potential legal risks and navigate disputes, contributing significantly to their growth and sustainability.

Future Outlook

Company Vision

“Empowering Startups with Robust Legal Security to Fuel Unprecedented Growth.”

Company Forecast

Our company is positioned for significant growth, aiming to expand our reach through digital platforms. We anticipate serving over 10,000 startups within the next five years as part of the Sidra Holding ecosystem. Innovations in legal solutions are on the horizon, and this growth will create multiple job opportunities.


  • Established as a standalone legal entity within Sidra Holding.
  • Provided services to 1,000 startups.
  • Expanded our range of customized legal solutions.
  • Projected to serve over 10,000 startups in the next five years.

Job Opportunities

We’re actively looking for talented professionals to join our team in the following roles:

  1. Legal Consultants
  2. Dispute Mediators
  3. Business Law Specialists
  4. Contract Law Specialists
  5. Intellectual Property Law Advisors
  6. Startup Legal Advisors
  7. Commercial Law Advisors
  8. Legal Research Analysts
  9. Legal Document Drafters
  10. Legal Marketing Specialists
  11. Legal Technology Consultants
  12. Client Relations Managers
  13. Legal Operations Managers
  14. Legal Administrative Assistants
  15. Compliance Officers
  16. Legal Human Resources Specialists
  17. Legal Process Engineers
  18. Business Development Managers

Special Note: We’re also in search of a CEO to set up the company. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CVs to [email protected].

Investment Opportunities

Equity Distribution

  • 33% for Sidra Holding and Sidra coin holders in exchange for their participation coins.
  • 33% for financial investors.
  • 34% for job contributions.

All equity will be secured as 100% in coins and will be tradable on the free exchange swapping market in Sidra Chain Exchange at a future decided date.

Note: If the project fails, or a full team is not assembled for any reason, equity will be returned to the owners.

Contact Us

For job applications or investment inquiries, please email [email protected].