Sidra Digital Bank


Welcome to Sidra Digital Bank, a key pillar in the financial infrastructure of Sidra Holding. We focus on delivering agile, secure, and innovative digital banking solutions tailored to meet the modern-day needs of startups.

Role in Sidra Holding Ecosystem

Sidra Digital Bank is instrumental in Sidra Holding’s mission to support the growth of over 10,000 startups in the next five years. As the financial backbone of Sidra Holding, we offer a secure and user-friendly platform for startups to manage their finances, secure loans, and streamline transactions.

Vision and Forecast

Company Vision

“Empowering Startups Globally to Achieve Financial Success Through Agile, Secure, and Innovative Digital Banking.”

Company Forecast

We project significant growth and expansion, aiming to be the go-to digital banking partner for startups worldwide. Our future goals include introducing new, advanced financial services and reaching a larger audience of startups.


  1. Established within the Sidra Holding ecosystem.
  2. Achieved a user base of 500 startups in the first year.
  3. Integrated advanced security measures for secure transactions.
  4. Launched a user-friendly mobile application.
  5. Partnered with over 1,000 startups.
  6. Plans to extend services to three more countries in the next two years.

Employment and Investment Opportunities

Open Positions

We are currently hiring for the following online positions:

  1. Digital Banking Manager
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Digital Marketing Specialist
  4. User Experience (UX) Designer
  5. Customer Service Representative
  6. IT Security Specialist
  7. Data Analyst
  8. Mobile Application Developer
  9. IT Support Specialist
  10. Loan Officer
  11. Risk Management Specialist
  12. Compliance Officer
  13. Business Development Representative
  14. Strategic Partnership Manager
  15. Account Manager

Special Note: We are actively seeking a dynamic CEO to lead Sidra Digital Bank. Please send your CV to [email protected].

Investment Opportunities

Equity Distribution

  • 33% for Sidra Holding and Sidra coin holders, in exchange for participation coins.
  • 33% for financial investors.
  • 34% for job contributions.

Total equity will be secured 100% in coins, with future trading on the Sidra Chain Exchange. Should the project fail for any reason, all equity will be returned to its respective owners.

How to Apply or Invest

For job applications and investment inquiries, send an email to [email protected]