Sidra Cloud Services


Welcome to Sidra Cloud Services, a cornerstone of Sidra Holding Companies. Specializing in comprehensive cloud-based solutions, we are committed to fostering digital transformation for startups of all sizes. Within the broader ecosystem of Sidra Holding, we are dedicated to supporting over 10,000 startups in the next five years by offering advanced, scalable, and secure cloud services.

Our Role in Sidra Holding’s Ecosystem

Sidra Cloud Services is vital in actualizing Sidra Holding’s goal of nurturing startups. We provide a wide range of cloud services tailored to individual startup needs, from data storage and database management to networking and software integration.

Our platform allows startups to focus on their core business, eliminating the necessity for in-house IT infrastructure and reducing operational costs. Our scalable services mean startups can quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands, further enabling their success.

By offering stringent security measures and on-demand technical support, we provide startups the tools they need to thrive in a highly competitive market.

Our Vision and Future

Company Vision

“To revolutionize the digital startup ecosystem with robust, secure, and scalable cloud-based solutions.”

Company Forecast

As digital transformation becomes more crucial, Sidra Cloud Services is poised for exponential growth. We’re geared toward innovating our cloud solutions, enhancing customer service quality, and expanding our services globally.


  1. Establishment within Sidra Holding Companies.
  2. Becoming a trusted provider in the startup ecosystem.
  3. Serving over 500 startups in the initial phase.
  4. Diversification of services to suit various industries.
  5. Achieving the goal of aiding over 10,000 startups in the next 5 years.

Employment Opportunities

We’re on the hunt for exceptional talent. Available positions include:

  1. Cloud Strategist
  2. Cloud Solutions Architect
  3. Cloud Software Engineer
  4. Cloud Security Specialist
  5. Cloud Systems Administrator
  6. Cloud Data Analyst
  7. Cloud Customer Support Specialist
  8. Cloud Project Manager
  9. Business Development Manager – Cloud Services
  10. Cloud Sales Specialist

Special Note: We are also in search of a CEO to steer Sidra Cloud Services to new heights. If you think you’re the right fit, please send your CV to [email protected].

Investment Opportunities

Equity Distribution

  • 33% for Sidra Holding and Sidra coin holders in exchange for participation coins.
  • 33% for financial investors.
  • 34% for job contributions.

All equity will be represented in coins and will be tradable in the Sidra Chain Exchange at a future date. Should the project fail or not find a complete team for any reason, equity will be returned to its owners.

Contact Us

For job applications or investment opportunities, please send your emails to [email protected]