About Us

Welcome to Sidra Holding LLC

Our Journey: Sidra Holding LLC, established in 2019, has rapidly evolved into a forefront financial services provider in Qatar. Rooted in our dedication to innovation and excellence, we have expanded our services to include insurance, securities brokerage, venture capital, and asset management.

Our Mission: At the heart of our operations lies a steadfast commitment to empowering our clients’ financial success and contributing positively to our community. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, client-focused financial solutions that are both accessible and efficient.

Vision for the Future: We envision a future where financial services are seamlessly integrated into our clients’ lives, fostering economic growth and stability in Qatar and beyond. Our goal is to be a catalyst for innovation and a leader in financial inclusivity.

Core Values: Integrity, Innovation, and Inclusivity define our approach. We believe in ethical business practices, continuous improvement, and providing equal opportunities for all our clients and employees.

Our Leadership: Guided by Dr. Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi, our team comprises industry veterans and visionary leaders dedicated to steering Sidra Holding LLC towards new horizons of success.

Community Engagement: We are committed to making a meaningful impact in our community. Our initiatives focus on financial literacy, sustainable development, and supporting local enterprises.